Lucknow Literature Festival

The world today imagines societies as diverse groups & communities working towards the common goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which are the most essential objectives for a state or a society to pursue any form of inclusive development.

For the people of this city it is its lakhnavi tehzeeb, the magnificent heritage and the “pehle aap”  culture which has been handed down from generation to generation through spoken and written word that has formed the bedrock of its citizens psyche. These are the prime instruments which have helped widen a society’s vision collectively, diminishing the inequalities and fostering development.

We at Lucknow Expressions endeavour to create an environment celebrating this multifaceted, multilingual, multicultural melting pot of society. It is in the literature, poetry, architecture, even the religion and gastronomic traditions which bear the hallmark of this unique secularism . We aim to lend a helping hand to individuals and organisations who work towards betterment and growth of Sheher-e-lakhnau. Restoration of the city as educational and cultural hub are our prime goals. Initiatives like ours generate abundant human synergies and resource surplus which can be creatively absorbed in other spheres too, generating a multiplier effect in the community at large.