September 21, 2017
What Girls Read when I was in school
September 21, 2017

One Sunday

Though it happens almost Everyday


I like my tea brewed in a teapot, milk added separately as per my need.

He likes it brewed for 5 minutes with ginger.


I want biscuits.

He wants rusks.


I want to read the Times of India he too wants to read the TOI first.

He wins! I wait and sulk.


I have muesli and milk.

He wants sattu with milk for breakfast.


I want papaya.

He wants milk shake.


I want to stay at home, read or write or just be a house maker.

He insists I go with him to the farm and stay the day there, to me not a very inviting idea in this heat!


He wins. I sulk. We go to the farm.


I kill time at the farm; enjoy the solitude and fresh air.

He goes around having a look. Plans, instructs the staff.


I come back with a load of fresh veggies and a layer of dust and sun tan.

He comes back happy and satisfied.


I need a shower pronto.

He wants a cup of tea and my company pronto. I have the shower first. He sulks.


Post shower, I need my room, dark and cold and now a cup of tea.

He switches on all the lights in the room.


I like soft lights.

He likes them bright


All lights on. I sulk.


I have dal and rice

He has mutton and roti


I enjoy my siesta in the afternoon.

He works in the garage. I don’t sulk.


I go to a bookshop in the evening.

He goes for a drive in his vintage car.


I want to have dinner at a restaurant.

He wants to have ghar ka khana.

We have ghar ka khana. I sulk.


I have all the aloos from the aloo-gobhi vegetable.

He has all the gobhi. We don’t sulk.


I want to work on the PC

He takes the PC, offers me the laptop. I sulk.


He wants scotch and my company.

I have a headache. I sleep. He sulks.


I put new curtains, floral.

He likes abstracts. He sulks.


I get our room painted light pink

He wants it beige. He sulks.


I have cream tiles for the bath and cream basin and pot.

He wants white. He sulks.


I want a tiled shed for the cars.

He has a tin shed put up. I sulk.


I want to put a Grandfather clock in the living room.

He wants to have a billiards table.


We haven’t decided. We h

aven’t bought either.

We haven’t found either. We don’t have the money to buy even if we found the two.

We sulk.


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