Lucknow Literature Festival 2018 Is Centered Around Oneness Of India

Lucknow Literature Festival 2018 Is Centered Around Oneness Of India

Awadh is evidently famous for its Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb, which is an epitome of intercommunal faith and harmony. Kabir Das, Tulsidas, Majaz, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Mahadevi Varma, Kaifi Azmi and Premchand, all found enlightenment in the same culture. However, today’s world has been polarized by hatred, anger, disputes and violence.

Lucknow Literature Festival 2018 has been conceptualized to uphold the belief that only love, poetry and music can create an understanding which brings people close to each other. This year’s theme – ‘One India’, is dedicated to preserve and celebrate the diversity of languages, cultures, traditions, cuisines, ethnic origins, and thoughts that dwell in India.

The 6th edition of Lucknow Literature Festival, organised by Lucknow Expressions Society, shall portray the ‘Unity in Diversity’ that spreads ‘Beyond Boundaries’ in our country. It will give you reasons to cherish the phrase – ‘Saare Jahan Se Achha, Hindustan Hamara, Hum Bulbule Hai Iski, Ye Gulistan Hamara’.

LLF 2018 shall enrich your horizon on ‘how’ and ‘why’ our country is, but one family. The unifying features which spread across multiple languages, dialects and religions, conveying the same messages, emotions and patriotism, have tremendous potential for the appreciation as well as expansion of our roots.

The celebrated literary and cinematic voices shall join us in the exploration of ‘Oneness of India’. As we are going ahead with the preparations for LLF 2k18, we invite you to the three days of exploration.

Mark the dates in your calendar – 16th November to 18th November 2018.

Venue – Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Gomtinagar, Lucknow.

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